How To brand yourself as an artist

  1. Be True to Yourself: Your brand should reflect who you are as an artist.
  2. Define Your Brand Platform: Identify your Unique Selling Point (USP), brand values, genre, competitors, and create a mood board.
  3. Unique Selling Point (USP): Define who you are, what you do, and why it matters.
  4. Brand Values/Edge: Highlight 2-3 traits that differentiate you and influence your visual identity.
  5. Genre: Understand your genre’s style and trends.
  6. Competitors/Similar Artists: Differentiate yourself and give fans a reason to choose you.
  7. Mood Board: Create a collage to guide your brand identity visually.
  8. Cover Art: Connect it to your brand and music, convey a story or mood, and avoid copying others.
  9. Stand Out on Spotify: Keep artwork simple, use strong colors, ensure consistency, and own the image rights.
  10. Merchandise: Design merch that aligns with your brand and consider unique items beyond traditional logo tees.

Remember, building a recognizable brand takes time, so stay consistent and true to yourself.