5 Things Artists Should Know Before Releasing Music

Ensure Proper Mixing and Mastering:

· Mixing and mastering are vital for ensuring your music sounds professional on all streaming platforms. Skipping these steps can result in an unpolished final product.

· Mixing involves finalizing individual tracks, while mastering is the last stage of audio production for distribution.

· Use online mastering tools for an easy and budget-friendly approach.

2. Craft a Strong Visual Identity:

· In the age of social media, visual identity is more important than ever. Many artists are discovered through platforms like Instagram and TikTok before their music is heard.

· Create a cohesive visual identity across all platforms, including artwork, Spotify Canvas, promotional videos, and merch.

· Utilize Spotify’s features such as Pitch, Canvas, Artist Pick, and playlists to boost visibility.

3. Choose the Right Distributor:

· Select a reliable music distribution service, like BYSST, that releases to major streaming stores and social media platforms.

· Look for distributors offering royalty splits for collaborations, pre-save link options, quality customer support, and detailed audience analytics.

· Explore distributors with growth opportunities, such as having a label.

4. Pitch Your Music:

· Pitching to playlists and blogs is essential for reaching new fans. Blogs remain relevant, helping convey the story behind your music.

· Plan and pitch your release ahead of time to benefit from algorithms and increase visibility on platforms like Spotify.

· Check out the best music blogs and tips for pitching to increase your chances of getting featured.

5. Set Clear Goals and Marketing Plans:

· After investing time in creating your music, dedicate equal effort to promoting it.

· Define clear goals, such as the number of streams you aim to achieve in a specific time frame.

· Develop a comprehensive marketing plan, including social media promotion strategies and ways to grow your fanbase.

· Differentiate yourself through a thoughtful marketing approach.

Remember, successful music releases require not just creative effort in production but also strategic planning and promotion to reach your target audience effectively